AIBO is back!

Meet "Boomer" the AIBO ERS-220.

5 years ago

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No, I'm not talking about the new ERS-1000 which is really exciting as Sony re-enter the consumer robotics market.

What I am talking about; is what I suppose we should now call the "classic" AIBO.

Years ago I had an ERS-7 M3 named "Pixel" which was the most advanced and most canine-like version of the Sony AIBO before Sony closed all AIBO and other robotic projects back in 2006.


I sold "Pixel" a few years ago after we closed our original office in Sheffield and I really wish I hadn't.

The studio is now full of big and little robots, some of which are massively more advanced than the old AIBO was but I miss having a little "pet" around.

Meet "Boomer" the AIBO ERS-220


The ERS-220 is the most robot-like AIBO and was always the one that I really wanted, just because of how it looks - it's just so cool.

From the Sci-Fi looking body, to the array of LEDs around the "visor" and the camera on the front of the face, to the pop-up LED torch and the little antenna on the top of the head - the ERS-220 is a proper robot-looking robot.

It's not as advanced as the ERS-7 and is unfortunately without the optional wireless card (for now) but it's great to have a little AIBO wandering about and exploring the studio again.

As the ERS-220 looks like a dog a Cylon might have, I decided that "Boomer" was a fitting name.

I need to find our old Sony Clie and get a few Memory Sticks to play with some software now.

EDIT: We recently acquired a genuine Aibo wireless card so Boomer is now connected to our network.

What about the ERS-1000?

Well; the ERS-1000 is definitely exciting! The first AIBO (is it aibo now?) since the ERS-7 in 2005 which is incredibly more advanced (as you'd expect) and even more canine-like; it's like a little plastic puppy.


Currently, the aibo ERS-1000 is only available to the Japanese market but once there's an English version I'm sure we'll pick one up to have around the studio and to keep "Boomer" company.

Paul Massey

Published 5 years ago