What we do

We are pioneers of Robotics, Machine Learning, the Internet of

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We are pioneers of Robotics, Machine Learning, the Internet of Things, 3D Printing, CNC machining, Laser cutting, Pressure forming, Vacuum forming, Injection moulding, Woodwork, Arduino, Raspberry Pi and all things in the maker community.

We have an impressive makerspace with incredible equipment at our disposal which allows us to prototype and produce detailed, production quality components in order to integrate with technology within record time and at low cost.

We have a modified OpenBuilds C-Beam CNC machine capable of cutting steel, with a 7W laser cutting module with air assist for cutting board, a Mayku Multiplier for pressure forming incredible detailed parts and moulds, a Mayku FormBox for smaller vacuum forming of parts and moulds.

We have both FDM 3D printers from Creality 3D, an Elegoo Mars and the massive Elegoo Jupiter for incredibly detailed 3D resin models.

We are available for educational and commercial work, please get in touch with your requirements.

We have a number of robots and robotics platforms, including a few of our own design but our primary focus at the moment is on our InMoov and NAO robots.

We also have our own robotics software that we plan to open source in the future, we call this Athena.


Tired of navigating clunky software and wasting time in doing so, as well as some of the awkward integrations between various software packages - we decided to build our own system which we call Athena.

For updates on this, please follow our Athena channel.


We are passionate about the InMoov robot and are contributing to the project by updating parts for the chassis in order to reduce the number of individual parts and allow them to be printed in larger pieces on larger printers. This project can be found here.

Our InMoov 3D printing is currently on hold as we are working on integrating more advanced hardware into the chassis and will be updating the parts in order to accomplish this.

For updates on this, please follow our InMoov channel.


We currently have two NAO V5 - Evolution H25 robots, in Blue and Orange.

The NAO robot (pronounced Now) is a ground-breaking teaching aid for use in robotics, systems and control, computer science, social sciences and beyond. Humanoid robots have always fascinated people, especially students and NAO robot allows them to explore programming, sensors, interaction with people and the environment and much more.

We are currently testing software on our NAO platforms that we will later port to InMoov, having the additional hardware and computers outboard of the robot does introduce some minor complexities but this will greatly assist with our efforts when we start to move these inboard of our InMoov chassis.

For updates on this, please follow our NAO channel.